Patents – which countries to file in?

By Duncan Bucknell List key markets in size order. Add countries where competitors will manufacture. Add other particularly important countries for logistics – eg. is there a country that everyone will have to transit through? Review and reorder the list based on overall strategic importance with the above factors in mind. Get a quote from […]

Patenting patent processes

By Duncan Bucknell How do you protect your IP Processes?  More importantly, have you ever done a freedom to operate clearance on them? To kick off this short series of posts, here are a few insights on some of the top ‘patent process’ patent filers, what they are covering, and the most cited patents. Given […]

Taylor Wessing’s new European patent litigation tool

By Duncan Bucknell Thanks to Taylor Wessing’s brand new Patent Map, anyone can now quickly compare European jurisdictions on key litigation factors. Those who have litigated in Europe will know that this comparison is at the heart of every strategic litigation campaign, whether seeking to launch a new product (and avoid injunctions) or attempting to […]

IP Strategy changing focus

By Duncan Bucknell There was a great discussion at a recent symposium in Melbourne on ‘IP Strategy, what has changed, what is changing?’ Here are my slides – I look forward to your comments too. IP Strategy – what has changed, what is changing? from DuncanBucknell [This post originally appeared at IP Think Tank.]

What marketing should know about IP

By Duncan Bucknell IP is a source of great value for our organisation – keep in touch with the IP function. Messages around IP successes can really leverage our success in the market.  You have to be very careful about what you say to the world, but when you get it right, you can sing […]

IP Philosophy for corporate, IP Strategy for Business Units

By Duncan Bucknell Can you really have a cohesive IP Strategy at the corporate level? I don’t think so. Unless of course they are one and the same thing.  (Small companies with effectively one business unit obviously have the same IP Strategy for both.) Otherwise, each business unit needs its own defined IP Strategy – […]

The core of an IP Strategists work…

By Duncan Bucknell “And the core of the strategist’s work is always the same, discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way to coordinate and focus actions to deal with them.”  (Richard Rumelt  in the June 2011 McKinsey Quarterly.) I think this is a great summary – it gets to the heart […]