By Robert Cantrell One of the hallmarks of longevity for enterprises is adaptability.  Every enterprise is undergoing a race, whether its leadership understands that or not.  That race involves changing to meet changing conditions.  If an enterprise cannot or will not adapt fast enough to changing conditions, it will eventually fail.  For example, the success […]

Creative Dilemma

By Robert Cantrell One of the least likely ways to succeed with IP may be to be an IP creator.  The reason for this is because of the highly speculative nature of idea creation.  It can leave the IP creator in a poor bargaining position before he creates a new solution, given the high probability […]

The Truth about Competition

By Robert Cantrell In our IP strategy courses we teach about 10 different types of competitors.  Depending upon the situation of an enterprise, some types of competitors will be more important than others.  In some cases, the primary concern may be direct competitors.  In others it may be a potential substitute or upstream competitors on […]

When the IP Is Your Own

By Robert Cantrell For those who have not read previous posts under this title, I am working to sell a documentary that I financed and filmed.  Like any scenario to put IP into the market, because things are ongoing, I can’t get into the details of the discussions.  I can get into some of the […]

Why IP Portfolios and Sales Often Misalign

By Robert Cantrell It ought to be a given that the IP portfolio should align with the salient benefits that salespeople for the associated products and services sell.  For example, if salespeople use safety in an accident as a key selling point for Volvo, then you should expect that an ample part of the R&D […]

The Greatest Overlooked Risk in IP Strategy

By Robert Cantrell The greatest risk in strategy is neither the probability that any given harmful event will occur nor the extent of the negative consequences of that given event.  If we know either of these, then we can compensate for them.  Our greatest risk is that we either overestimate or underestimate the risk of […]

The Broader Role of an IP Strategist

By Robert Cantrell Classical strategy shows that the most successful organizations in any professional discipline tend to assemble good people, ideas, and tools in that order of priority.  This makes sense when you think about it given that good people tend to use good ideas and procure useful tools to support them.  Look at any […]

Circular Logic in Patent Analysis

By Robert Cantrell If you encountered an alien from another world and wanted him to understand the concept of what a word is, chances are you would put words (and their object or idea representation) into context with the letters from which we write them and the sentences and paragraphs for which they are a […]

Asymmetrical advantage and the Art of Giving Away IP

By Robert Cantrell There may be no better competitive advantage in business than to be able to offer a valuable solution for free for which a rival must receive remuneration to stay in business. The idea follows the line of the business axiom to give away the razors (a durable) for free so that people […]