Use Patent Due Diligence to Lower Your Patent Litigation Risks

By Lily Li Due diligence is a key concept in the business world. Before buying a new company or investing in a new product, companies spend millions of dollars reviewing financial statements, accounting methods, and market reports to ensure that their investments have no hidden risks. In contrast, many companies turn a blind eye to […]

Stay Ahead of the Competition

By Lily Li Every diligent MBA student learns about Porter’s 5-forces analysis (pictured above) in one form or another. In effect, the competitiveness and ultimate value of any company or product depends on its relative market position to competitors, new entrants, substitute products, consumers, and suppliers. An effective patent strategy can improve your market position […]

Make Money (and Don’t Waste It)!

By Lily Li Patents have intrinsic value beyond their contribution to your company’s product lines. After all, patents are the physical embodiment of your company’s technological genius, just as stocks and bonds embody the value of your company’s other intangible assets. Instead of letting your patents go to waste, treat your patent portfolio like your […]