Would Your Employees Sell Their Network Password?

By Eric Ostroff Sailpoint recently released its 2016 Market Pulse Survey, which examined employees’ roles in IT security. The results should terrify employers. The report can be downloaded here. This report echos a theme I’ve been repeating here often: employees can be the biggest threat to your trade secrets. Consider the following findings: 65% of […]

Trade Secrets Best Practices: Exit Interviews

By Eric Ostroff This is the next in a series of posts addressing best practices for protecting trade secrets and proprietary information. Today’s topic: exit interviews, which can be a powerful tool to avoid, or at least anticipate, unwanted disclosure. An exit interview is exactly what it sounds like. When an employee is leaving your […]

The One Question All Trade-Secret Owners Must Ask In 2015

By Eric  Ostroff It seems like threats to trade secrets and proprietary information are increasing exponentially. News reports of large-scale data thefts have become an almost daily occurrence. And employees are more likely to switch jobs, taking your proprietary information with them. Meanwhile, technology has increased the risk of inadvertent disclosure, since most employees are […]