Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy

By Fred Logue in conjunction with the Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre Specialist IP lawyer Fred Logue presents a short lecture on developing an IP strategy for your organisation. This lecture was presented as part of the LSI Diploma Centre’s Understanding Law in the Digital Age MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offering. For more information […]

IP Strategy for Companies Doing Business in China

By Fred Logue I was invited to speak at a recent Enterprise Ireland event organised to brief Irish companies who are considering entering the Chinese market. My presentation focused on some of the intellectual property issues that companies might face in China, primarily counterfeiting. The core message was that business should have their intellectual property […]

Multinational approach to IP Strategy: Structuring and Managing Global IP in Europe

By Fred Logue Slides presented by Fred Logue at the IPBC China conference.   [This presentation originally appeared on the New Morning Intellectual Property blog.]

Intellectual Property and the Business Model

By Fred Logue Intellectual Property can be used in three ways in a business. Each of the dimensions gives the business leader more degrees of freedom when constructing his or her strategy when compared to the case where there is little valuable intellectual property. The degrees of freedom are well illustrated in the diagram below […]

IP Strategy and Productivity

By Fred Logue What is an IP Strategist and what is their value? These are questions that give rise to debate often in the context of whether or not an IP Strategist should be a lawyer or have a professional qualification. This misses the point. I think the important thing in the whole strategist versus […]

Strategic intellectual property offshoring through outsourcing

By Fred Logue and Tony Owens Traditionally intellectual property (IP) offshoring has been used by multinational corporations as a way to reduce their global effective tax rates by holding their IP in low tax offshore jurisdictions. The 2009 relocation by McDonalds of its European head office to Geneva was reportedly motivated by the desire to […]