IP Tips for Startups

By Mary Juetten Startups and their founders have a lot on their plates and a lot of issues that loudly announce themselves as front-of-mind. You need to hire the right people — can’t hope to grow without them. You need an attractive, functional and professional website to create a positive first profession. Finding an office […]

Intrapreneurs And Patents: Lessons Learned

By Mary Juetten The battle cry for those in the business of identifying and protecting intellectual property (IP) has long been “ You can’t protect what you don’t know you have.” This especially true for early-stage companies, who amass a lot of IP in a short period of time. Furthermore, identified and protected IP matters […]

Combat Your Fear Of Non-Practicing Entities

By Mary Juetten I often like to say that if I had a dollar for every time someone denied having any intellectual property (IP), I would not have to raise funds to grow Traklight. The same applies for questions around the value of patents for small businesses with little capital to assert their rights. Startups […]

Intellectual Property In All Places: Non-Traditional IP Lessons Learned

By Mary Juetten In this series’ last installment, I tackled the IP lessons learned in traditional startups.  Here, I explore IP paint points experienced by some non-traditional companies, such as non-profit, non-tech, and online education startups. Completely not by design, but the founders I feature here are all female! Lesson #1: It’s all in a […]

Traditional Intellectual Property Lessons Learned

By Mary Juetten Over the past few months, we have been talking to many entrepreneurs about their knowledge-gap around intellectual property (IP) and other important startup matters that actually impact IP or intangibles (and therefore valuation and ultimately their success). This is the first in a three part series detailing the lessons learned by these […]

Three Intellectual Property Mistakes That are Killing Your Startup

By Mary Juetten You cannot sell or monetize what you do not own, and your startup will be dead in the water without revenue. What’s plaguing your fledgling venture? Intellectual property (IP) problems. One in three new ventures have IP issues when they go to raise money, and investors steer clear of that level of […]

Crowdfunding 101: Don’t forget to protect your idea

By Mary Juetten and Efrat Kasznik The ‘Jumpstart Our Business Startups’ Act, otherwise known as the JOBS Act, hit another milestone with the recent lifting of the 80-year ban on solicitation. At our last count, there were over 1,000 crowdfunding platforms awaiting the US-wide equity crowdfunding ‘Title III’ SEC regulations, anticipated to be released in […]