Human capital in IP Strategy

By Ana Popescu Today I was about to set forth to discuss the difference between the market value and the business value of patents and their utility. As my thought process expanded I realized however that what I initially considered to be important seemed to fade away. Let me explain what I mean: I understand […]

Building from the base up, or is that down?

By Ana Popescu Two of the key IP questions for small companies are: How can I base my business strategy on IP when I know that there is always a risk that I will be sued or that someone will steal my idea without me being able to retaliate? Is it not better to keep […]

The invisible hand of the intellectual market

By Ana Popescu While recently reading a post at the excellent IAM blog about the acquisition of Core Wireless Licensing (a Luxemburg based company established by Nokia and holding 400 patents families related to wireless technology) by MOSAID (a Canadian NPE) I came across this sentence: “Critics of NPEs… have always based their condemnation on […]

A lesson in strategy

By Ana Popescu A basic strategic principle, using deceptive plots to distract the other party and wisely choosing the time to bring something forth in order to preserve the element of surprise, can be applied with success in military, sports, business and most other competitive environments. An example of the principle’s application in business appears […]

Make the most of what you have

By Ana Popescu Monetary concerns are some of the most common issues out there for IP managers. These concerns stream from limited budgets and the need to balance those limited budgets with comprehensive global protection (from filing IP to assertion, defensive litigation actions and other). Let’s face it, there is always something more that can […]