You Have a Trade Secret – Now What?

By Henry Fradkin Based on my experience in IP commercialization over the past 17 years, I have found myself often considering whether or not a company should protect an invention with a trade secret or a patent, how to protect a trade secret, and then what can be done to leverage its value.  Thus, I […]

Should You License Your Competition?

By Henry Fradkin In starting out or increasing the effectiveness of a technology transfer office, there are many hurdles to overcome.  These include: (1) securing the necessary commitment from top management to proceed, (2) ensuring that you have the necessary resources to achieve office objectives, and (3) having a mechanism to gain necessary technical and […]

Incentives For Generating More IP Commercialization Opportunities

By Henry Fradkin I don’t think I have to belabor the point…this is really a tough economy. Based on at least what I am seeing and echoed by others in the IP and technology commercialization business, it appears that most “licensing” deals are the result of successful patent assertions rather than what is called “carrot” […]