Lifting the IP Fog of War

By Paul Adams In the 19th century the Prussian military genius Carl von Clausewitz coined the term the ‘fog of war’, to describe the uncertainty commanders face in battle. Clausewitz observed that officers who could pierce this fog, who could reduce relative uncertainty, consistently defeated opponents even when outnumbered and outgunned. This observation directly led […]

The coming of age of IP asset management

By Paul Adams Intellectual property is a critical business asset yet so often it isn’t managed like one? Fortunately, new thinking is unlocking value. Twenty five years ago announcing “my company has just hired a CTO” would have prompted raised eyebrows. The idea that information technology was an asset, let alone important enough to have […]

Commercial Success and Understanding your IP Position

By Paul Adams Hundreds of organisations have worked with us to commercialise their technology over the last seven years: everyone from the guys in garages to Fortune 100 companies, from venture backed start-ups to research institutes which are publically funded. Throughout this we have seen triumphant successes and dismal failures. Surprisingly the starting point for […]

Intellectual Property in the Board Room

By Paul Adams “Knowledge” as Francis Bacon observed “is power.” 500 years later, in today’s technology led economy Bacon’s observation is truer than ever. Study after study has demonstrated that companies that create and successfully leverage knowledge and innovation (intellectual property) consistently and significantly outperform their competitors and create lasting shareholder value. Conversely those that […]