Geographical Indications, an undervalued IPR

By Severin de Wit In a very competitive environment, where pricing for agricultural products has been in a downward trend, producers of agri-food and agricultural products are looking how to add value thus escaping the “commodity curse”. Products with a strong traditional origin or traditional appeal have offered producers to move into a more lucrative […]

Can you predict which patents are high risk?

By Severin de Wit She compared litigated and non litigated patents and researched the effect of “acquired characteristics” or events that happen after the patent has been granted. She shows that these so called “post-issued events” or “traits” of a patent improve insight into a patent’s worth. There are “intrinsic” characteristics  of a patent, those […]

Rating inventions and patents

By Severin de Wit We constantly rate things. A motion picture rating system is designated to classify films with regard to suitability for audiences in terms of issues such as sex, violence, substance abuse, profanity, impudence or other types of mature content. A credit rating estimates the credit worthiness of an individual, corporation, or even […]

SMEs can leverage their IP to facilitate R&D financing

By Severin de Wit A recently published paper by Dr. Gaetan de Rassenfosse explains how firms can use their patents to finance innovation [1]. He argues that patents aimed at monetization of IP is more important for SMEs than for large companies and reports evidence that European SMEs face more difficulties than SMEs in the […]

Patent Thickets, right or wrong?

By Severin de Wit Patents are instituted to provide an incentive to innovate, which is important considering that innovation is a key driver for economic prosperity. Yet, what happens if the company that holds the patent right does not want to produce anything, but instead holds-up other patent right holders? Certain combinations of patent rights, […]