IP Holding Companies – Trade Secrets and Trade Secret Asset Management

By Donal O’Connell Introduction: An IP Holding Company exists to hold intellectual property on behalf of one or more other companies but does not necessarily manufacture products or supply services based upon the IP held. Prior to establishing an IP Holding Company, it is important to first ask what one wishes to achieve with one’s […]

7 Signs You Need an IP Management Solution

By Peter Ackerman Not sure if your team is ready to implement a robust intellectual property management solution? Here are 7 telltale signs you need an IP management solution. 1. Your rate of innovation has slowed down. To increase your competitive edge, you have to keep up the quality as well as the quantity of […]

How Patent Vulnerability Impacts Valuation

By David Wanetick As I often tell business leaders who attend my course on Valuing Early-Stage Technologies, valuing patents isn’t rocket science. It is much more difficult. Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill, valuing patents is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Measuring even a well-delineated permanent entity is much more difficult than […]

Alternate Intellectual Property Valuation Approaches

By Weston Anson and Joshua Cawthorn Techniques for valuing intellectual property continue to develop, especially as access to information becomes easier and more efficient. The practice of valuing intellectual property has only been around for the past few decades, during which time the practice itself has grown and refined. Valuation is necessary in a number […]

The coming of age of IP asset management

By Paul Adams Intellectual property is a critical business asset yet so often it isn’t managed like one? Fortunately, new thinking is unlocking value. Twenty five years ago announcing “my company has just hired a CTO” would have prompted raised eyebrows. The idea that information technology was an asset, let alone important enough to have […]

Best Practice Processes for Patent Maintenance Fee Payment Decisions

By Joseph Hadzima My previous article showed how expensive patents are – from $220,000 to $440,000 to file and maintain a patent in the United States and 9 other major industrial countries.  I also discussed one experiment that showed that data driven patent analytics could predict manually determined patent maintenance fee payment decisions over 70% […]

Intellectual Property in the Board Room

By Paul Adams “Knowledge” as Francis Bacon observed “is power.” 500 years later, in today’s technology led economy Bacon’s observation is truer than ever. Study after study has demonstrated that companies that create and successfully leverage knowledge and innovation (intellectual property) consistently and significantly outperform their competitors and create lasting shareholder value. Conversely those that […]

Patents Are Expensive – How To Make Patent Maintenance Fee Decisions

By Joseph Hadzima Patents are expensive.  Patents are granted country by country, meaning there are filing and maintenance fees due in each country where you want to obtain a patent.  A 2003 study by the United States General Accounting Office reported that the lifetime cost for a small company to file and maintain a patent […]

A Holistic Approach to Software Management

By Donal O’Connell 1. Introduction Computer software (or just software) is a general term primarily used for digitally stored data such as computer programs and other kinds of information read and written by computers. Today, this includes data that has not traditionally been associated with computers, such as film, tapes and records. Software is a […]

New Book Takes a Hard Look at How Businesses and People Profit from IP

What is innovative? Who owns it? What is the best way to generate return on inventions and other works? These are among the most vexing questions facing businesses today. A new book, by Bruce Berman, The Intangible Investor, takes a hard look at the ways companies, large and small, profit from inventions, and the rights […]