Taylor Wessing’s new European patent litigation tool

By Duncan Bucknell


Thanks to Taylor Wessing’s brand new Patent Map, anyone can now quickly compare European jurisdictions on key litigation factors.

Those who have litigated in Europe will know that this comparison is at the heart of every strategic litigation campaign, whether seeking to launch a new product (and avoid injunctions) or attempting to stop competitors.

Key questions such as: “Which countries should go first and why, and what’s likely to happen and how long will it take?” are all readily addressed with the new tool.

As I’ve said before, understanding the terrain that you’re operating in is critical to a successful IP Strategy.  Well, in Europe at least, taking that step has just become a whole lot more accessible.

Ok, Taylor Wessing, now for the rest of the world…

[image credit: zonu.com]

[This post originally appeared at DuncanBucknell.com.]

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