Engaging Patent Brokers

By David Wanetick Suppose you wish to sell your house. Since you seek to sell your house “as-is”, you want to minimize your investment in the selling process and elect not to spruce up your house. To avoid paying a real estate agent commissions, you independently put your house on the market. While some lookie-loos […]

How Patent Vulnerability Impacts Valuation

By David Wanetick As I often tell business leaders who attend my course on Valuing Early-Stage Technologies, valuing patents isn’t rocket science. It is much more difficult. Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill, valuing patents is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Measuring even a well-delineated permanent entity is much more difficult than […]

Strategic Implications of Trade Secrets

By David Wanetick Trade secrets are the Rodney Dangerfield of intangible asset management: they don’t receive the respect they deserve. Trade secrets are valuable both as an as an alternative to patents and as a compliment to patents. What are Trade Secrets? Trade secrets are proprietary information, knowledge, formulas, methods, designs or processes. What differentiates trade […]

Patent Valuation and Baseball Players

By David Wanetick It appears that patents and baseball players share the same value curve. Similar Life Expectancy: The statutory life of a patent is 20 years. Twenty years is about as long as you can expect a baseball player to last. After studying the 5,989 position players who began their careers between 1902 and […]

Strategies for Negotiating Licenses

By David Wanetick You will never get the license agreement your technology deserves. You get the license agreement you negotiate. With this in mind, it is important for inventors, licensing professionals and intellectual property lawyers to constantly hone their negotiating skills. Below are some pertinent considerations. Stay Away from the Negotiating Table A general principle […]