The core of an IP Strategists work…

By Duncan Bucknell “And the core of the strategist’s work is always the same, discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way to coordinate and focus actions to deal with them.”  (Richard Rumelt  in the June 2011 McKinsey Quarterly.) I think this is a great summary – it gets to the heart […]

What exactly is IP Strategy anyway?

By Duncan Bucknell My working definition of ‘IP Strategy’ is ‘using intellectual property to inform and leverage business strategy’. I think it covers the full range of activity that is IP Strategy – what do you think? Here are some definitions previously suggested by others. Do you have any others we should add? What are […]

6 qualities of the best in-house IP Strategists

By Duncan Bucknell It’s all very well for external consultants to talk about what’s needed in IP Strategy.  Most IP Strategy is done in-house, with internal clients and with considerable personal risk. Here are 6 qualities we’ve noticed in those operating at a very high level as in-house IP Strategists.   Thank you to those brilliant […]

Don’t align IP Strategy with Business Strategy

By Duncan Bucknell Imagine having a dollar for every time you’d heard someone use the phrase ‘align IP strategy with business strategy’. Well, it’s overused, out of date, hackneyed and trite. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the google search results on the phrase. The number of people supposedly advising on ‘IP […]