Eight Species of Patent Strategy – Part 3 how intellectual property management develops from level 3 to level 4

By Bill Meade Intellectual Property Management in a Growing Soon-To-Be-Company: Once a growing company signs its first cross license with a balancing payment going out, or has a “near death experience” with IP litigation, and/or loses a patent litigation, IP management gains its first proposition with senior management.  The value of IP becomes intuitively obvious […]

What is an Intellectual Property Strategy?

By Bill Meade Introduction: Intellectual property (IP) is as complicated as a gothic cathedral … and can be more expensive.  The complexity of IP is such that if you do not manage your IP, it will manage itself.  Now, autopilot can be a fine way to manage IP if your industry is stagnant, competitors are […]

Eight Species of Patent Strategy – Part 2 Five levels of IP management and how intellectual property management develops from stage 1 to stage 2

By Bill Meade Introduction: In part 1 of this article series on patent strategy we derived eight species of strategy from the steps a successful/profitable patent goes through over its lifetime.  In part 2 (this article) we are going to use the eight species framework to illustrate how intellectual property management evolves through five phases […]

Visualizing Invention

By Bill Meade As we were writing ‘The pocket guide to invention workshops’ Bob Sesek (HP super-inventor with 600 disclosures and forty-some patents issued) came up with a great graphic to visualize the inventing which was and was not happening.  Here it is: The blue boxes are ideasthat could be disclosed, but which are not […]

Eight Species of Patent Strategy – Part 1 the framework

By Bill Meade Introduction: When invited to give a talk for an American Corporate Council Association (which changed its name to the Association of Corporate Council) in 2004 I was asked to speak on “patent strategy.”  When I complained “That is a pretty big topic, can you narrow it down a little for me?”  the […]

Dominant Design and Lost Profits in Creative Labs v Apple Computer

By Bill Meade James M. Utterback’s (1994) MASTERING THE DYNAMICS OF INNOVATION is one of my favorite books. Utterback has lately been squeezed between Clayton Christensen’s work on disruptive innovation and Geoffrey Moore’s work on market structure and shareholder wealth management. But, I think Utterback deserves reading by patent attorneys. First, because, Utterback’s book is […]

Top 10 Ideas for Restarting an IP Program

By Bill Meade Isolate your patent business model. The big question here is how will patents pay for themselves? By protecting markets from competitors? By being licensed? By reducing the rate of patent litigation? The best place to start an IP program is with a solid foundation on profitability. Then, once you’ve decided what the […]