Predict Your Competitor’s Innovation Strategy

By David R. Jarczyk How Intellectual Property Big Data Leads to a CI Advantage By some estimates, Intellectual Property (“IP”) represents up to 80% of corporate value. Therefore, knowing your competitor’s innovation strategy is equivalent to understanding their business strategy. The question then becomes, how do we accurately predict a competitor’s innovation strategy? Historically, understanding […]

IP facts you can’t afford to miss…but you probably do

By David R. Jarczyk As a transfer pricing practitioner, having access to all possible information is not only critical for your IP analysis, but ultimately your reputation as an expert. Yet the alarming reality is that most practitioners are forming their IP positions based on less than 25 percent of available information. l. What you […]

Replacing the 25 Percent Rule with Fact-based Evidence

A Guide to Finding and Analyzing Royalty Rates By David R. Jarczyk Until recently, common practice and legal precedent had established the 25 percent rule of thumb (the “25 Percent Rule”) as an acceptable approach to approximating reasonable royalty rates that licensees would be willing to pay to licensors, based on profit, as part of […]

Anatomy of a License Agreement

How to Efficiently and Meticulously Analyze Agreements By David R. Jarczyk and Daniel T. Jarczyk In light of the January 4, 2011 ruling on the Uniloc USA V. Microsoft patent infringement case, analysts around the world are certain to see a heightened need for using fact-based evidence as an alternative to the now unsupported 25 […]