The Elusiveness of Intellectual Assets

By General Patent Corporation Today’s modern accounting systems are truly wondrous. They seem to account for everything…well, almost everything. When raw materials or finished goods are purchased, the double-entry basis of modern accounting creates an asset called inventory. When an invoice is issued, another asset – accounts receivables – is created. When an order is […]

Losing the Jury

By General Patent Corporation Jury trials, statistically speaking, are usually a good thing for patent owners. But as patent litigation becomes ever more complex, and the technology underlying the patents ever more mind-boggling, what happens if the case in question goes right over the jurors’ heads? Recently, we’ve seen two cases-in-point: high-profile cases in which […]

The Increasing Value of Knowledge Currency

By General Patent Corporation In just the last few years, patents have gone from sleepy assets that many businesses did not even record on their balance sheets, to hot properties. Patents have truly become the “knowledge currency” of the Information Age. And the market – as it always does – has made things right by […]