There Is No Yelp for Patent Brokers – 10 Best Practices for Picking a Patent Broker

By Kent Richardson Clients often ask us to help them find a patent broker. Unfortunately, unlike real estate brokers, you cannot simply look up patent broker reviews on Yelp. With new brokers entering the market, old ones leaving, and little market transparency, it can be difficult to pick a patent broker. And this is a […]

Buying Patents? Plan to Buy Them in the First Six Months

By Kent Richardson Buying patents takes time. Selecting the right patents from the myriad available, diligence, building the business case, pricing, and negotiations, all take time. Next there is the internal corporate approval process: legal, business unit, finance. So, how much time do you have? We all know that faster would be better, but how should […]

34% Pricing Premium and 41% Better Chance of a Sale. Selling a Patent With or Without Claim Charts?

By Kent Richardson “I Don’t Look at the Seller’s Claim Charts” or Maybe You Do We regularly hear from our corporate patent buying clients that they do not look at the claim charts provided by the sellers. Creating claim charts is expensive and time-consuming. If buyers are not looking at them, why prepare them? Our […]