10 Reasons to Start a Patent War

By Nigel Ravenhill   Patent wars have been part of the intellectual property landscape since the middle of the 19th-century and the frenetic innovation of the early days of the industrial revolution. Many of modern history’s most famous inventors were central figures, and their fortunes based on fortuitous legal decisions that concurred with their oral […]

Tips for Protecting your Brand in South-East Asia

By the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk Team Business in South-East Asia – the facts and figures Economic growth in South-East Asia has been, and is likely to remain strong. As its economies have shifted from exports to a broader base of growth drivers, both consumption and investment in the region has soared[1]. Between 2015 […]

Prevention not cure: online IPR in South-East Asia

By the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk Team South-East Asia possesses a population of around 600 million people; of these, there were 203 million internet users in South-East Asia at the end of 2014.[1] While the share of internet users varies by country (Myanmar’s internet penetration equates around 1.2%, whereas in Singapore it is around […]

Taylor Wessing’s new European patent litigation tool

By Duncan Bucknell Thanks to Taylor Wessing’s brand new Patent Map, anyone can now quickly compare European jurisdictions on key litigation factors. Those who have litigated in Europe will know that this comparison is at the heart of every strategic litigation campaign, whether seeking to launch a new product (and avoid injunctions) or attempting to […]

Prevention not cure: online IPR in China

By Alex Bayntun-Lees China possesses a population of over 1.3 billion people[1]; of these, there were 632 million internet users in China by the end of 2014 – this is approximately half the population of China and three times the number of internet users in South-East Asia[2]. The share of internet users in China now […]

NPEs are winning 4.5x more in damages than opcos, new PwC patent litigation study shows

By Bruce Berman With patent litigation down 13% over 2013, and median damages awards just $2.9 million, the lowest in at least 20 years, NPEs are still besting operating companies in damages at trial by more than four fold. PwC’s 2015 annual patent litigation study, subtitled “A change in patentee fortunes,” is a useful overview […]

Top 5 IP challenges all executives will face in 2015 (Part 1)

By Peter Cowan As much as the IP leaders wish IP to be top-of-mind in every business and investor, in reality this is not always the case.  In an ever more globalised environment, there are seemingly more immediate needs to speed up R&D execution, lower local manufacturing costs to compete globally, and constant pressures to […]

You Have a Trade Secret – Now What?

By Henry Fradkin Based on my experience in IP commercialization over the past 17 years, I have found myself often considering whether or not a company should protect an invention with a trade secret or a patent, how to protect a trade secret, and then what can be done to leverage its value.  Thus, I […]

Right of Publicity Protection: 50 State Analysis

By Weston Anson What is the right of publicity and where did it spring from? Directly from the old English right of privacy definition: That which prevents the misappropriation of one’s name, image or likeness. Who should be aware of right of publicity issues? Anyone who has interests in right of publicity matters, including licensing […]

Copyright Monetization Business is Latest IP Enforcement Play

By Bruce Berman New IP licensing model is generating opportunity for content providers and investors; obstacles for file-sharers. Rightscorp is an IP licensing business model of a different stripe. It monetizes copyrights through widespread enforcement of consumers who download music and movies without paying. While some may consider Rightscorp the first public “copyright troll,” others see […]