Re-Fighting the Last IP War: Dot-Com Ideas in the 21st Century

By Joseph E. Root Generals are often accused of re-fighting the last war, and sometimes they are.  During the 1930s, André Maginot and the French general staff were horrified at the specter of a return to the trench warfare of World War I, so they build a series of impregnable fortifications, designed to safeguard the […]

Rembrandts in the Rear View Mirror: The Demise of Intellectual Capital

By Joseph E. Root For all our otherwise stellar attributes, we patent lawyers are not a very charismatic lot.  The author speaks from within the fraternity, so that statement is a rueful admission, not an accusation.  The fact is, while our college classmates were doing pharmaceuticals, close interpersonal contact and loud, rhythmic music, we spent […]

The Disclosure Revolution: It’s a WYDIWYG World

By Joseph E. Root This post is excerpted, in modified form, from Rules of Patent Drafting: Guidelines from Federal Circuit Case Law (2010), © 2010, Oxford University Press, Inc. There was a time when patent lawyers were magicians and their bags of tricks were filled with claim drafting tools. Write “a widget,” and shazam! “a widget” […]