Top 5 IP challenges – and solutions – for all executives in 2015 (Part 2)

By Peter Cowan Last post I outlined the top 5 IP challenges all startups, investors, executives, and business leaders – not just IP focused leaders – will have in 2015.  These challenges directly impact R&D departments, legal groups, innovation teams, and even finance departments. The challenges revolve around the need for an evolving IP leadership. […]

Top 5 IP challenges all executives will face in 2015 (Part 1)

By Peter Cowan As much as the IP leaders wish IP to be top-of-mind in every business and investor, in reality this is not always the case.  In an ever more globalised environment, there are seemingly more immediate needs to speed up R&D execution, lower local manufacturing costs to compete globally, and constant pressures to […]

3 Essential Components to a Foreign Filing Patent Strategy

By Peter Cowan For the price of one globally filed patent, one can likely file 10 new patents in a single jurisdiction.  For a business with budget constraints, the result is trying to find the balance between a broader portfolio of unique patents or a large global portfolio covering only a few inventions. For one […]

The importance of people in your Patent Strategy

By Peter Cowan There is always more to solving the problem than we think, and the human resource aspect of intellectual property strategy is a critical component of building a strategy that companies can’t afford to ignore. If you have worked with me before, or asked me high level advice about your patent situation, you […]

The First Mover Advantage of IP: Patents vs. Velocity

By Peter Cowan Startups and Fortune 100 companies take note: Jeff Bezos is positioning Amazon at the future center all of web commerce.  And he is planning reaches at least 7 years into the future. Earlier this year Amazon said it was experimenting with delivery by drones, dubbed Amazon Prime Air, and details were found […]

Patenting and Protecting Early Stage Research and Innovations

By Peter Cowan Patenting and Protecting Early Stage Research & Innovations For all the talk about patenting for startups and spin-offs, people often forget that there is a step that predates this discussion: Solving the Fundamental Technical Problem. Early stage research presents a challenge with respect to patenting: Balancing the trade-off between the competing forces […]