Trademark volumes in South East Asia

By Nick Redfearn   IP Komodo devours data, so looked with interest at the published data on 2011 trademark applications in South East Asia. Some of the data is hard to compare. For example Philippines has multi class application data, Indonesia a mix of multi and single class. So for the Philippines and to a degree Indonesia […]

Japan’s patent portfolio growth

By Nick Redfearn Some patent data from Indonesia shows a trend: 2009 2010 2011 total patents  filed 4829 5830 6130 1  US 1059 1255 1211 2  JP 862 1115 1202 3  ID 669 756 778 4  DE 347 449 541 5  CH 276 303 342 Overall patent filings in Indonesia are on the rise and in […]

Singapore’s plan to be the regional IP centre in Asia

By Nick Redfearn What is Singapore up to with the consultation paper issued in mid March to open up it’s patent attorney profession? Singapore moved from a re-registration system to a full patent system in 1995. Since then it’s been an upward trend for patent attorneys and patent holders alike as numbers of local and […]

iTunes in Asia – IP trumps Apple’s entry

By Nick Redfearn The iTunes Store has just opened to consumers with credit cards in Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. That’s most of ASEAN. But not in the biggest market, Indonesia or newly opening Myanmar. The latter is understandable given the lack of development. But […]

PCT growth in Thailand

By Nick Redfearn Thailand’s accession to the PCT is providing the promised ease and savings for patent applicants. Data from the Thai IPD shows a good take up from major users like US, China, Japan and Korea. PCT National Application (Inbound) – started from 1 July 2010 Year Numbers 2010 28 2011 2,149 2012 (until 24 […]

Software protection problems in Indonesia

By Nick Redfearn Software enforcement is one of the most contentious areas of IP protection. The Jakarta Globe published a report in April on how Indonesian software developers are hampered by poor IP protection and a weak venture capital infrastructure leading to a lack of investment and opportunity to develop the local industry. Meanwhile a BSA […]