Should you devote resources to monitoring your competitors IP?

By Leonid Kravets A successful business person understands that in order to stay ahead of the competition, he or she must stay informed about the competition. One way to stay informed is to monitor competitors’ publications issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).  These publications include published non-provisional patent applications and issued […]

Facebook’s Patent Acquisitions? They’re More About Google Than Yahoo

By Leonid Kravets Facebook’s patent portfolio has grown exponentially as a result of acquisitions of patent portfolios from IBM and Microsoft. After acquiring 650 AOL patents and patent applications from Microsoft, the company now has approximately 1,400 patent assets. Amazingly, only 46 of these assets (24 issued patents and22 published applications) were originally filed by Facebook. In recent years, Facebook […]

IP as an exit strategy

By Leonid Kravets For any entrepreneur starting their company, the reward for a lot of hard work is typically a great new product that hopefully leads to customers, sales and wealth.  Of course, the end goal also often includes an exit strategy.  Generally, the exit strategy has been to be acquired or to have a […]

The Twitter IPA What does defensive really mean?

By Leonid Kravets Twitter is an innovative company, and the introduction of the Innovator’s Patent Agreement shows that their legal department can be innovative too.  The Innovator’s Patent Agreement, a draft of which was released on GitHub, will allow inventors to retain control of their inventions to make sure that they are only used for […]