Right of Publicity Protection: 50 State Analysis

By Weston Anson

What is the right of publicity and where did it spring from? Directly from the old English right of privacy definition: That which prevents the misappropriation of one’s name, image or likeness.

Who should be aware of right of publicity issues? Anyone who has interests in right of publicity matters, including licensing professionals, should be aware of any legal issues dealing with those rights. A short example of those who deal with right of publicity licensing include the following:

Companies    Celebrities
Nike Michael Jackson
Chanel Tiger Woods
Priceline.com Catherine Zeta-Jones
Verizon Nicole Kidman
Calvin Klein Michael Jordan
Wheaties The Kardashians
American Express Madonna
Coca-Cola Phil Mickelson
L’Oreal Kathy Ireland
Ford Nicole Richie


Read Weston Anson’s full paper on Right of Publicity protections in the 50 United States here.


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