When the IP Is Your Own

By Robert Cantrell

For those who have not read previous posts under this title, I am working to sell a documentary that I financed and filmed.  Like any scenario to put IP into the market, because things are ongoing, I can’t get into the details of the discussions.  I can get into some of the lessons.  Things I have learned along the way.


  1. There is truth to how important who you know is, or better, who knows you
  2. If the IP is not first rate; however, point 1 above is irrelevant
  3. If the IP is first rate, then point 1 above can have actual meaning
  4. The greatest danger to an IP-based project can develop innocently from within
  5. The effective and efficient solution to point 4 above is to align interests – leave the hammer in your toolkit
  6. Patience, patience, patience
  7. Leverage your strengths – even, and perhaps especially if they are a bit unconventional
  8. No matter what it is, highlight the fun parts
  9. Enjoy who you get to meet along the way
  10. Consider both the yes’s and the no’s as signals to move forward

I am still moving along the way.  Stay tuned…

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