Japan’s patent portfolio growth

By Nick Redfearn
Some patent data from Indonesia shows a trend:

2009 2010 2011
total patents
4829 5830 6130
1  US 1059 1255 1211
2  JP 862 1115 1202
3  ID 669 756 778
4  DE 347 449 541
5  CH 276 303 342

Overall patent filings in Indonesia are on the rise and in general the major filers are consistently rising. But Germany and Japan’s patents jumped more than other major countries over this period. Japan’s jump is consistent with WIPO data, which saw Japan’s global patent filings rise fast in recent years (21% last year alone). Germany too, but not at the high rate their filings increased in Indonesia.

Japan’s tech companies clearly have not been idle these last few recession years. A recent survey by the Japan Bank of International Cooperation showed Indonesia moving from 6th to 5th most important investment destination for Japanese companies. Japanese attorneys whom IP Komodo quizzed about this at the FICPI conference in Melbourne confirmed these suspicions.

So is Japan busy building up an ever larger patent portfolio in major Asian emerging markets while the US and Europe slumber through their recession?

[This post originally appeared at IP Komodo.]

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