Diligent Intellectual Property Management for Business Success

By Peter Ackerman What do a Koosh ball and a tab of Viagra have in common? Aside from the pleasure they bring to millions, their economic success is premised upon the same type of IP protection. The company that makes Koosh balls – rainbow-colored, plasma-filled rubber balls with protruding soft rubber spikes – and the […]

Dissecting intangible assets

By Donal O’Connell Dissecting intangible assets Imagine for a moment the Royal Air Force’s roundel, that red, white and blue circular identification mark painted on aircraft to identify them. That roundel has also been associated with pop art of the 1960s It became part of the pop consciousness when British rock group The Who wore […]

The Role of a Corporate IP/IA Function

By Exponent IP Please click on the image to view the presentation [This presentation originally appeared on the Exponent IP site]

IP processes and process development

By Donal O’Connell Overview of IP Processes  & IP Process  Development Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable assets for any business, possibly among the most important that it possesses.  It is therefore imperative that whatever IP processes are in use are fit for purpose, and add some value to those using these processes. Whatever IP […]

Multinational approach to IP Strategy: Structuring and Managing Global IP in Europe

By Fred Logue Slides presented by Fred Logue at the IPBC China conference.   [This presentation originally appeared on the New Morning Intellectual Property blog.]

When Should a Start-Up Seek Patent Protection?

By Neil Wilkof In carrying out due diligence, how many times have I heard this refrain from a start-up: “Oh yes, we have a couple of a patents or patent applications, but they don’t really address our current activities.” And so I ask–“so what about seeking patent protection for the current activities?” The answer tends […]

Developing a digital copyright strategy

By Heather Ford [This post originally appeared at Heather Ford’s slideshare account.]

Intangible Assets: Nine Facts Management Teams and Boards Absolutely Need To Know!

By Michael D. Moberly 1.  It’s an economic fact that 65+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, sustainability, and growth potential evolve directly from intangible assets, therefore its all-the-more likely intangible assets will be in play and integral to most deals and/or transactions. 2.  Conventional intellectual property protections issued, i.e., patents, copyrights, trademarks a. […]

Patent Valuation, T.S. Eliot and the Theatre of the Absurd

By Neil Wilkof It is one of the most famous stanzas of modern English language poetry. Thus T.S. Eliot concluded his poem– “The Hollow Men”: This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. And so […]

Rembrandts in the Rear View Mirror: The Demise of Intellectual Capital

By Joseph E. Root For all our otherwise stellar attributes, we patent lawyers are not a very charismatic lot.  The author speaks from within the fraternity, so that statement is a rueful admission, not an accusation.  The fact is, while our college classmates were doing pharmaceuticals, close interpersonal contact and loud, rhythmic music, we spent […]