Patents Are Expensive – How To Make Patent Maintenance Fee Decisions

By Joseph Hadzima Patents are expensive.  Patents are granted country by country, meaning there are filing and maintenance fees due in each country where you want to obtain a patent.  A 2003 study by the United States General Accounting Office reported that the lifetime cost for a small company to file and maintain a patent […]

A Holistic Approach to Software Management

By Donal O’Connell 1. Introduction Computer software (or just software) is a general term primarily used for digitally stored data such as computer programs and other kinds of information read and written by computers. Today, this includes data that has not traditionally been associated with computers, such as film, tapes and records. Software is a […]

New Book Takes a Hard Look at How Businesses and People Profit from IP

What is innovative? Who owns it? What is the best way to generate return on inventions and other works? These are among the most vexing questions facing businesses today. A new book, by Bruce Berman, The Intangible Investor, takes a hard look at the ways companies, large and small, profit from inventions, and the rights […]

Diligent Intellectual Property Management for Business Success

By Peter Ackerman What do a Koosh ball and a tab of Viagra have in common? Aside from the pleasure they bring to millions, their economic success is premised upon the same type of IP protection. The company that makes Koosh balls – rainbow-colored, plasma-filled rubber balls with protruding soft rubber spikes – and the […]

Dissecting intangible assets

By Donal O’Connell Dissecting intangible assets Imagine for a moment the Royal Air Force’s roundel, that red, white and blue circular identification mark painted on aircraft to identify them. That roundel has also been associated with pop art of the 1960s It became part of the pop consciousness when British rock group The Who wore […]

The Role of a Corporate IP/IA Function

By Exponent IP Please click on the image to view the presentation [This presentation originally appeared on the Exponent IP site]

IP processes and process development

By Donal O’Connell Overview of IP Processes  & IP Process  Development Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable assets for any business, possibly among the most important that it possesses.  It is therefore imperative that whatever IP processes are in use are fit for purpose, and add some value to those using these processes. Whatever IP […]