Top 5 IP challenges all executives will face in 2015 (Part 1)

By Peter Cowan As much as the IP leaders wish IP to be top-of-mind in every business and investor, in reality this is not always the case.  In an ever more globalised environment, there are seemingly more immediate needs to speed up R&D execution, lower local manufacturing costs to compete globally, and constant pressures to […]

Patent Product Mapping – the rationale, the challenges and the techniques

By Donal O’Connell Definition: Patent claims can be mapped to a variety of parameters to support critical business decisions. As the name suggests, patent product mapping is about clearly linking a patent and one or more of the claims of that patent to a specific product or a specific component, part, feature or function within […]

Strategic Implications of Trade Secrets

By David Wanetick Trade secrets are the Rodney Dangerfield of intangible asset management: they don’t receive the respect they deserve. Trade secrets are valuable both as an as an alternative to patents and as a compliment to patents. What are Trade Secrets? Trade secrets are proprietary information, knowledge, formulas, methods, designs or processes. What differentiates trade […]

5 Best Practices For Creating a Winning IP Strategy

By Efrat Kasznik New patent laws in the U.S., the long backlog at the patent office, as well as the increased risk of patent litigation, make it absolutely critical for a startup to start building its intellectual property (IP) portfolio as early as possible. Unfortunately in our startup advisory practice, we repeatedly see startups come […]

Distinguishing NPEs and Trolls

By Marshall Phelps The growing attention being paid to the immense value of IP is still relatively new. Not very long ago, few companies paid much attention to their intellectual property, instead prioritizing other areas of value that were easier to get your arms around. Because the IP advantage was not familiar or well understood, […]

Patent Early? Maybe Not

By Jackie Hutter Patent lawyers almost always instruct inventors to file for patent protection at the earliest possible date, but maybe this is not the best advice for many startups. To the contrary, I think this conventional advice is flawed–at least when it applies to inventions involving unproven products with no known customer base. Put […]

Some Licensing Companies will Likely Benefit from Higher Patent Hurdles

By Bruce Berman As businesses adjust to new judicial and legislative requirements public patent licensing companies will have to work harder and think smarter to compete against the stock market and each other. Some are better-positioned to succeed than other. Investors will soon learn which patent licensing companies are best-prepared to respond to the new […]


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