IP of the Cloud: Storage

By Barry Welch A Rapidly Growing Technology Making data available anytime, anywhere, has become big business and there are a lot of overlapping technologies and services behind this data-on-demand evolution, a key one of which is cloud storage. By looking at the patent landscape and factors that help determine the strength of patent portfolios, a […]

Three Intellectual Property Mistakes That are Killing Your Startup

By Mary Juetten You cannot sell or monetize what you do not own, and your startup will be dead in the water without revenue. What’s plaguing your fledgling venture? Intellectual property (IP) problems. One in three new ventures have IP issues when they go to raise money, and investors steer clear of that level of […]

IP Strategies for Changing Times

By Louis Carbonneau With all the recent and well documented turmoil weakening the US patent system at the same time Europe is moving toward a unified patent, the imminent passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act and the White House finally recognizing the extensive damage to the US economy caused by cyber hacking, just to […]

NPEs are winning 4.5x more in damages than opcos, new PwC patent litigation study shows

By Bruce Berman With patent litigation down 13% over 2013, and median damages awards just $2.9 million, the lowest in at least 20 years, NPEs are still besting operating companies in damages at trial by more than four fold. PwC’s 2015 annual patent litigation study, subtitled “A change in patentee fortunes,” is a useful overview […]

How Patent Vulnerability Impacts Valuation

By David Wanetick As I often tell business leaders who attend my course on Valuing Early-Stage Technologies, valuing patents isn’t rocket science. It is much more difficult. Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill, valuing patents is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Measuring even a well-delineated permanent entity is much more difficult than […]

Australian University Technology Transfer – the need for a new business model

2015-05-27 09_28_53-http___summit.ispim.org_wp-content_uploads_sites_12_Beven.pdf - Internet Explore

By Peter Beven Dr Peter W. Beven’s presentation delivered at the ISPIM Innovation Summit 2014. [This presentation originally appeared at ispim.org.]

Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy

By Fred Logue in conjunction with the Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre Specialist IP lawyer Fred Logue presents a short lecture on developing an IP strategy for your organisation. This lecture was presented as part of the LSI Diploma Centre’s Understanding Law in the Digital Age MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offering. For more information […]


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