Intellectual Property In All Places: Non-Traditional IP Lessons Learned

By Mary Juetten In this series’ last installment, I tackled the IP lessons learned in traditional startups.  Here, I explore IP paint points experienced by some non-traditional companies, such as non-profit, non-tech, and online education startups. Completely not by design, but the founders I feature here are all female! Lesson #1: It’s all in a […]

Patent Filing Strategy – Tips & Tensions

By Chhavi Bhandari Introduction Technological innovation is at an all-time high, with companies constantly competing to create next-generation technology and products. Media coverage of technology and intellectual property issues is ever-prevalent and companies are keen to be seen as innovative leaders in their field. With such competition, the technology sector has recognised the important role that […]

Pull vs Push

By Donal O’Connell Pull versus push: Pull vs Push is well known in marketing and supply chain logistics. Push marketing brings content to the user. Also known as “traditional marketing,” push is the grandmother of modern marketing. Direct mail marketing, such as catalogues and brochures, are prime examples of push marketing. Yes, you guessed it, […]

Open Innovation for the Electric Vehicle Market

By Peter Spours Ford and Tesla have offered their patents for licensing in the hope of increasing electric vehicle (EV) adoption and improving the supporting infrastructure. In contrast, Toyota is banking on fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology. The broader automotive innovation game is being won by “connected cars” at the moment because consumers are unwilling […]

Traditional Intellectual Property Lessons Learned

By Mary Juetten Over the past few months, we have been talking to many entrepreneurs about their knowledge-gap around intellectual property (IP) and other important startup matters that actually impact IP or intangibles (and therefore valuation and ultimately their success). This is the first in a three part series detailing the lessons learned by these […]

IP of the Cloud: Storage

By Barry Welch A Rapidly Growing Technology Making data available anytime, anywhere, has become big business and there are a lot of overlapping technologies and services behind this data-on-demand evolution, a key one of which is cloud storage. By looking at the patent landscape and factors that help determine the strength of patent portfolios, a […]

Three Intellectual Property Mistakes That are Killing Your Startup

By Mary Juetten You cannot sell or monetize what you do not own, and your startup will be dead in the water without revenue. What’s plaguing your fledgling venture? Intellectual property (IP) problems. One in three new ventures have IP issues when they go to raise money, and investors steer clear of that level of […]


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