Distinguishing NPEs and Trolls

By Marshall Phelps The growing attention being paid to the immense value of IP is still relatively new. Not very long ago, few companies paid much attention to their intellectual property, instead prioritizing other areas of value that were easier to get your arms around. Because the IP advantage was not familiar or well understood, […]

Patent Early? Maybe Not

By Jackie Hutter Patent lawyers almost always instruct inventors to file for patent protection at the earliest possible date, but maybe this is not the best advice for many startups. To the contrary, I think this conventional advice is flawed–at least when it applies to inventions involving unproven products with no known customer base. Put […]

Some Licensing Companies will Likely Benefit from Higher Patent Hurdles

By Bruce Berman As businesses adjust to new judicial and legislative requirements public patent licensing companies will have to work harder and think smarter to compete against the stock market and each other. Some are better-positioned to succeed than other. Investors will soon learn which patent licensing companies are best-prepared to respond to the new […]

What You Need to Know about Your European Patent Strategy …

By Doreen Davis-Owen With US tech and life sciences companies expanding globally faster than ever before, it has become increasingly important to have an international patent strategy for both the protection of products/software and potential infringement disputes. I recently attended a seminar on “Mastering the Global Patent Game,” which was sponsored by both the Licensing Executives […]

The One Question All Trade-Secret Owners Must Ask In 2015

By Eric  Ostroff It seems like threats to trade secrets and proprietary information are increasing exponentially. News reports of large-scale data thefts have become an almost daily occurrence. And employees are more likely to switch jobs, taking your proprietary information with them. Meanwhile, technology has increased the risk of inadvertent disclosure, since most employees are […]

Who Needs a Patent?

By Jackie Hutter My response to the question posed in the title of this post is typically: “the only person who needs a patent is a patent attorney.” Indeed, if a patent attorney fails to convince clients like you that they need to obtain a patent, she will quickly lose her livelihood. You should therefore be skeptical […]

Predict Your Competitor’s Innovation Strategy

Predict Your Competitor's Innovation Strategy Fig 1

By David R. Jarczyk How Intellectual Property Big Data Leads to a CI Advantage By some estimates, Intellectual Property (“IP”) represents up to 80% of corporate value. Therefore, knowing your competitor’s innovation strategy is equivalent to understanding their business strategy. The question then becomes, how do we accurately predict a competitor’s innovation strategy? Historically, understanding […]


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