Strategic Patenting Part 1: Why So Few Patents Create Real Value

By Jackie Hutter Many business people are surprised to find out that all patents are not created equal.  A recent study of Fortune 500 companies reported in Suzanne Harrison’s Edison in the Boardroom Revisited indicates that only a very small number of patents–namely, 5%– obtained by these top patent filers created strategic value for their owners.  If […]

New Book Takes a Hard Look at How Businesses and People Profit from IP

What is innovative? Who owns it? What is the best way to generate return on inventions and other works? These are among the most vexing questions facing businesses today. A new book, by Bruce Berman, The Intangible Investor, takes a hard look at the ways companies, large and small, profit from inventions, and the rights […]

The Trouble with Trolls

By Marshall Phelps The motivation behind the patent troll problem is obvious. As with anything involving a great deal of money, people will always find a way to get around anything that lies in the way. It does not matter the industry, the parties involved or even the problem at hand – if money is the […]

Bold IP Moves Enable Microsoft to Lead in Patent Performance

By Bruce Berman The inability to dominate in its product lines has not prevented Microsoft from crafting a purposeful IP strategy that has generated billions in patent licensing and enables it to participate in other technology businesses’ success. Microsoft is not your typical technology company. The software business has taken more heat over the past […]

The First Mover Advantage of IP: Patents vs. Velocity

By Peter Cowan Startups and Fortune 100 companies take note: Jeff Bezos is positioning Amazon at the future center all of web commerce.  And he is planning reaches at least 7 years into the future. Earlier this year Amazon said it was experimenting with delivery by drones, dubbed Amazon Prime Air, and details were found […]

Crowdfunding’s Impact on Start-Up IP Strategy

By Sean M. O’Connor Crowdfunding has been heralded as a revolutionary and democratic way to connect ordinary individuals with innovative projects they would like to support. The version involving equity investments in start-ups will be regulated under the U.S. JOBS Act of 2012.[i] But start-ups who use this legal pathway will become essentially “junior” reporting […]

Utilizing the Patent Syndication System for Patent Portfolios 101

image 4 - share of licensed patents

By Guy Manno and Kevin Bellette Considering that the Intellectual Property industry supports around 40 million jobs in the US alone or around 25% of all US jobs, the IP industry is an important growth industry contributing over 5 trillion in US GDP annually.  Portfolio Covers MULPIN The MRLL Portfolio contains numerous strong claims with wide applicability. […]


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