The One Question All Trade-Secret Owners Must Ask In 2015

By Eric  Ostroff It seems like threats to trade secrets and proprietary information are increasing exponentially. News reports of large-scale data thefts have become an almost daily occurrence. And employees are more likely to switch jobs, taking your proprietary information with them. Meanwhile, technology has increased the risk of inadvertent disclosure, since most employees are […]

Who Needs a Patent?

By Jackie Hutter My response to the question posed in the title of this post is typically: “the only person who needs a patent is a patent attorney.” Indeed, if a patent attorney fails to convince clients like you that they need to obtain a patent, she will quickly lose her livelihood. You should therefore be skeptical […]

Predict Your Competitor’s Innovation Strategy

Predict Your Competitor's Innovation Strategy Fig 1

By David R. Jarczyk How Intellectual Property Big Data Leads to a CI Advantage By some estimates, Intellectual Property (“IP”) represents up to 80% of corporate value. Therefore, knowing your competitor’s innovation strategy is equivalent to understanding their business strategy. The question then becomes, how do we accurately predict a competitor’s innovation strategy? Historically, understanding […]

You Have a Trade Secret – Now What?

By Henry Fradkin Based on my experience in IP commercialization over the past 17 years, I have found myself often considering whether or not a company should protect an invention with a trade secret or a patent, how to protect a trade secret, and then what can be done to leverage its value.  Thus, I […]

Death of a Ringtone

By Donal O’Connell, Bruce Godfrey, and Nick Filler How Nokia’s smartphone software strategy failed and ultimately killed the brand Background Much has been written about the ups and downs of the cellular / mobile phone industry over the past 25 years, and particularly the smartphone industry in more recent times.  There seems to be a […]

Right of Publicity Protection: 50 State Analysis

By Weston Anson What is the right of publicity and where did it spring from? Directly from the old English right of privacy definition: That which prevents the misappropriation of one’s name, image or likeness. Who should be aware of right of publicity issues? Anyone who has interests in right of publicity matters, including licensing […]

3 Essential Components to a Foreign Filing Patent Strategy

By Peter Cowan For the price of one globally filed patent, one can likely file 10 new patents in a single jurisdiction.  For a business with budget constraints, the result is trying to find the balance between a broader portfolio of unique patents or a large global portfolio covering only a few inventions. For one […]


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