The Real Value of Patents

By Jeremy M. Ben-David, at JMB Davis Ben-David. “Do you know how much money we spent on patents last year?” This is a common opener to a panic attack, shortly before all the money that has been invested, is shown to be a waste, as the CEO or Chief Legal Counsel, having no idea why their […]

Best Practice Processes for Patent Maintenance Fee Payment Decisions

By Joseph Hadzima My previous article showed how expensive patents are – from $220,000 to $440,000 to file and maintain a patent in the United States and 9 other major industrial countries.  I also discussed one experiment that showed that data driven patent analytics could predict manually determined patent maintenance fee payment decisions over 70% […]

Intellectual Property in the Board Room

By Paul Adams “Knowledge” as Francis Bacon observed “is power.” 500 years later, in today’s technology led economy Bacon’s observation is truer than ever. Study after study has demonstrated that companies that create and successfully leverage knowledge and innovation (intellectual property) consistently and significantly outperform their competitors and create lasting shareholder value. Conversely those that […]

Do Patents Truly Promote Innovation?

By David Kline Do patents actually promote innovation and economic growth? We know from the historical record that in 19th century America, at least, most observers had no doubt that that the patent system was absolutely vital to U.S. economic success. Sir William Thompson, a British inventor and scientist attending the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in […]

Patents Are Expensive – How To Make Patent Maintenance Fee Decisions

By Joseph Hadzima Patents are expensive.  Patents are granted country by country, meaning there are filing and maintenance fees due in each country where you want to obtain a patent.  A 2003 study by the United States General Accounting Office reported that the lifetime cost for a small company to file and maintain a patent […]

IP Strategies for Valuing, Protecting and Monetizing IP in the International Supply Chain

By Jackie Maguire Supply chain management can be complex and key considerations include logistics planning, organizational design and transfer pricing optimization. Inventory flow control and supply chain hub management create hurdles to overcome. Areas that can be particularly challenging are where to place and how to protect your intangible assets in a supply chain environment. […]

Why E-mail and Word Processing Were Not Computer-Implemented Inventions: A Response to Alice v CLS Bank Oral Arguments

By Martin A. Goetz This article tries to bring a little more clarity to what is a computer-implemented invention —and what is an obvious use of a computer —by reviewing some of the Alice v CLS Bank oral arguments. Certain things are obvious. It was obvious in the oral arguments that it was a challenge […]


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