Should You License Your Competition?

Show Me The Money

By Henry Fradkin In starting out or increasing the effectiveness of a technology transfer office, there are many hurdles to overcome.  These include: (1) securing the necessary commitment from top management to proceed, (2) ensuring that you have the necessary resources to achieve office objectives, and (3) having a mechanism to gain necessary technical and […]

Rebalancing the patent economy

By Patrick Terroir This post provides a summary of Patrick’s article as published in IAM Magazine Issue 64. As innovations are more and more the result of aggregation of inventions and as research strengths multiply and spread all over the world, the need for exchange of knowledge and circulation of ideas become the very condition […]

The importance of people in your Patent Strategy


By Peter Cowan There is always more to solving the problem than we think, and the human resource aspect of intellectual property strategy is a critical component of building a strategy that companies can’t afford to ignore. If you have worked with me before, or asked me high level advice about your patent situation, you […]

Incentives For Generating More IP Commercialization Opportunities

Knowledge Portfolio

By Henry Fradkin I don’t think I have to belabor the point…this is really a tough economy. Based on at least what I am seeing and echoed by others in the IP and technology commercialization business, it appears that most “licensing” deals are the result of successful patent assertions rather than what is called “carrot” […]

Best Practices in Fostering and Maintaining a Culture of Innovation

  By Andrew J. Sherman In my recent book, Harvesting Intangible Assets (AMACOM), I address strategies to jumpstart our struggling economy by driving new revenue streams and market opportunities from our intellectual properties.  Over the years, I have developed and observed a wide variety of best practices for fostering and establishing on a sustainable basis […]

Copyright Monetization Business is Latest IP Enforcement Play

By Bruce Berman New IP licensing model is generating opportunity for content providers and investors; obstacles for file-sharers. Rightscorp is an IP licensing business model of a different stripe. It monetizes copyrights through widespread enforcement of consumers who download music and movies without paying. While some may consider Rightscorp the first public “copyright troll,” others see […]

IP facts you can’t afford to miss…but you probably do

By David R. Jarczyk As a transfer pricing practitioner, having access to all possible information is not only critical for your IP analysis, but ultimately your reputation as an expert. Yet the alarming reality is that most practitioners are forming their IP positions based on less than 25 percent of available information. l. What you […]


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