Strategic Patenting Part 3: Why (Almost) Every Innovator Fails to Maximize Patent Value

By Jackie Hutter The Take Away:  Those seeking to generate market-making patent coverage for new innovations must recognize that patent coverage should focus not on how the problem is solved but instead on the benefits provided to the customer.  Most patent coverage is directed to a specific solution to a customer need that is characterized […]

Invention Commercialization Critical Questions Affecting Outcome

By Michael D. Moberly    Often, the unrecognized and under-valued intellectual and structural capital initiators to intellectual property rich corporate – university R&D collaborations are the  numerous intangible asset underliers, i.e., intellectual and structural capital which inevitably play a significant role in an invention and/or technology transfer initiatives, in general. But, when the stewardship, oversight, and […]

Many start-up entrepreneurs think that patents are a waste of time; the data suggests otherwise

By Ian Maxwell I was recently asked why so many entrepreneurs and investors in the modern era appear to have no interest in patents and sometimes are actually quite negative on the value of patents in start-ups. So I did a ‘soft’ survey of a few entrepreneurs and investors in my home city of Sydney. […]

Commercial Success and Understanding your IP Position

By Paul Adams Hundreds of organisations have worked with us to commercialise their technology over the last seven years: everyone from the guys in garages to Fortune 100 companies, from venture backed start-ups to research institutes which are publically funded. Throughout this we have seen triumphant successes and dismal failures. Surprisingly the starting point for […]

Intangible Asset Due Diligence

By Michael D. Moberly Conducting intangible asset due diligence is essential because today, as much as 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, and competitive advantages, etc., lie in – evolve directly from intangible assets. That’s a globally universal economic fact! Too, the various transactions a company routinely engages, one can be assured, intangible […]

Dispelling the Perceived Risk of Discovery in Crowdsourcing

By Cheryl Milone Crowdsourcing has been an area of growing use and recognition in the IP industry. Where the recent White House and USPTO initiatives are successful, the quality of patents issued in the future will increase.  This in turn, should reduce patent litigation based on patents of questionable validity. In the meantime, litigation is […]

The Real Value of Patents

By Jeremy M. Ben-David, at JMB Davis Ben-David. “Do you know how much money we spent on patents last year?” This is a common opener to a panic attack, shortly before all the money that has been invested, is shown to be a waste, as the CEO or Chief Legal Counsel, having no idea why their […]


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