Big Data and IP business strategy

By Joren De Wachter Big Data is an important technological change happening around us. How should businesses react? What is the right business strategy? And, as part of such business strategy, what is the right Intellectual Property Strategy? It can be the difference between success and failure. 1. What is Big Data? “Big Data” is […]

Is there Intellectual Property in Money?

By Joren De Wachter Usually, the question is asked the other way around: “is there money in Intellectual Property?” But as technology is creating new kinds of currencies and new ways to pay, the question of Intellectual Property Rights in money becomes relevant. 1. New money Amazon has recently started issuing its own currency, called […]

3D printing and Intellectual Property – why are they a misfit?

By Joren De Wachter In my previous post at I explained how 3D printing affects the world of Intellectual Property (IP), and how this creates all kinds of problems for IP rights. In this blog I will expand a little bit on why that is the case, and whether something can be done about it. […]

Does Apple need Creative Commons to survive?

By Joren De Wachter The launch of the mini iPad seems to make Apple a follower, instead of a leader. Apple’s use of Intellectual Property is probably a prime cause of the Apple slowdown. But a novel approach to IP – access to the Creative Commons – could help Apple to turn around and be innovative […]

When everything becomes software, how does that affect IP strategy?

By Joren De Wachter Everything becomes software Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and currently co-founder and general partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, wrote in August 2011 in the Wall Street Journal about how “Software is eating the world”. While Mr Andreessen was building on earlier observations, such as the author of this article, […]

Open Source hardware – does it work?

By Joren De Wachter Open Source hardware is the next step in the development of “open” licenses; A review of the most important OS hardware licenses show them to be a combination of known techniques, like creative commons, and “covenant not to sue” for patents or design rights; Their validity and enforceability seem somewhat weaker […]

Three insights into how Intellectual Property can benefit an innovative business.

By Joren De Wachter All technology businesses innovate. It is what they do. They tackle a market opportunity by innovating. But innovation can happen at any level. It can be inventing a new technology, it can be process or method based, it can be through applying existing ideas in a novel way, or in many […]