Quinn: Patent PERPs are the real bullies of the licensing world

By Bruce Berman A disturbing article by IP Watchdog’s Gene Quinn asks “Who are the real bullies of the patent world?” It’s not patent trolls. They are far less of a problem than Patent PERPs – Practicing Entities that Refuse to Pay. The founder and editor of IP Watchdog, one of the leading IP blogs, […]

Combat Your Fear Of Non-Practicing Entities

By Mary Juetten I often like to say that if I had a dollar for every time someone denied having any intellectual property (IP), I would not have to raise funds to grow Traklight. The same applies for questions around the value of patents for small businesses with little capital to assert their rights. Startups […]

How IPR can help (or hinder) SME growth in Southeast Asia

By Samuel Sabasteanski Southeast Asia: A market driving future growth The Asian Century will see the continent’s middle class grow to account for roughly 60% of middle-class population and spending by 2030. Against this backdrop, ASEAN, a union of 10 countries in Southeast Asia, represents the seventh-largest economy in the world and the second-fastest growing […]

China IP Case Study: Keeping Trade Secrets

By Alex Bayntun-Lees Nearly all businesses in all industries and sectors possess trade secrets. Trade secrets are a valuable and highly useful form of intellectual property that are nevertheless often undervalued and overlooked by their owners. This is not least the case in the service sector where the relative value of trade secrets as intangible assets […]

Lack of Focus on IP Strategy Destroys $100 Millions in Value

By Jackie Hutter As an IP Strategist, I am fascinated by stories from which declining business fortunes can be traced directly to failed patent strategies. Often, the failures can be traced to patent attorney errors that limit the effectiveness of a company’s patent to prevent competitive knock-offs, but, often, the problems can be traced to […]

IP Risk Management Process and System

By Donal O’Connell Intellectual Property (IP) Risk: Risk is the chance of something going wrong, and the danger that damage or  loss will occur, whereas risk management is the process of analysing exposure to risk and determining how best to then handle such exposure. Risk mitigation means that you do something about it. By its […]

Trade Secrets Best Practices: Exit Interviews

By Eric Ostroff This is the next in a series of posts addressing best practices for protecting trade secrets and proprietary information. Today’s topic: exit interviews, which can be a powerful tool to avoid, or at least anticipate, unwanted disclosure. An exit interview is exactly what it sounds like. When an employee is leaving your […]

Distinguishing NPEs and Trolls

By Marshall Phelps The growing attention being paid to the immense value of IP is still relatively new. Not very long ago, few companies paid much attention to their intellectual property, instead prioritizing other areas of value that were easier to get your arms around. Because the IP advantage was not familiar or well understood, […]

The One Question All Trade-Secret Owners Must Ask In 2015

By Eric  Ostroff It seems like threats to trade secrets and proprietary information are increasing exponentially. News reports of large-scale data thefts have become an almost daily occurrence. And employees are more likely to switch jobs, taking your proprietary information with them. Meanwhile, technology has increased the risk of inadvertent disclosure, since most employees are […]

Dispelling the Perceived Risk of Discovery in Crowdsourcing

By Cheryl Milone Crowdsourcing has been an area of growing use and recognition in the IP industry. Where the recent White House and USPTO initiatives are successful, the quality of patents issued in the future will increase.  This in turn, should reduce patent litigation based on patents of questionable validity. In the meantime, litigation is […]