Apple v Samsung: The War Over “Cool”

By Neil Wilkof Last August, we published a blog post–“Apple v Samsung: Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Brand and User App Ball” (here) in which we questioned whether Apple’s successful verdict in suit against Samsung would be a game changer in the smartphone world. Views were heard far and wide than the case would have […]

The Rebranding of Blackberry: Of Geese, Ganders and Keys

By Neil Wilkof As probably many Kat readers are well aware, Research in Motion (RIM) issued three announcements at the end of January—one large, one medium and one small (sort of like the egg rack at this Kat’s local grocery) here. First the “large”—after much anticipation, the company announced the launch of the BlackBerry10 smartphone […]

Is Traction the New IP for Startups? Maybe Not for Yours.

By Jackie Hutter “Traction is the new IP.”  This emerging mantra results in many startup CEOs eschewing the traditional path of patent and other forms of IP protection.  While I am aware of no rigorous studies conducted to date, anecdotal information indicates that startup entrepreneurs are increasingly saying no to patents, and likely to other […]

Leading Brands Increasingly have the Most Valuable Patents

By Bruce Berman Patent portfolios associated with strong positive reputation appear to enjoy better performance, or so it seems. It is no coincidence that many of the world’s best known and most valuable brands have other IP traits in common: Their reputation for quality, innovation, and consistency not only facilitates product sales and shareholder interest, […]

The Pareto Principle and the Commercial World of Smartphone Apps

By Neil Wilkof I will admit: I am Pareto’s principal devotee. The basic idea that numerous phenomena can be characterized by the “notion of the vital few” will account for the lion’s share of something seems to resonate with my own anecdotal and analytical experience. Often referred to as the “80/20 rule” (such as “80% […]

Why Register Patents in the “Start-up Nation”

By Jeremy M Ben-David, at JMB Davis Ben-David Generally speaking, patents are registered in Israel not because of the market size, but in spite of it. In their book Start-up Nation originally published in 2009, authors Dan Senor and Saul Singer explain how Israel, a country with few natural resources and a population of little […]

IP strategy tips for exporters

By Sebastien Aymeric, Solicitor, James & Wells Intellectual Property The value of IP does not only lie in its commercial potential, but also in its use as a tool in defending infringement allegations Intellectual Property issues are important for exporting businesses.  It is one of the areas where contentious issues can arise and businesses should […]

IP Strategy changing focus

By Duncan Bucknell There was a great discussion at a recent symposium in Melbourne on ‘IP Strategy, what has changed, what is changing?’ Here are my slides – I look forward to your comments too. IP Strategy – what has changed, what is changing? from DuncanBucknell [This post originally appeared at IP Think Tank.]

The Glassybaby Syndrome or Why Every Company is an IP Company

By Louis Carbonneau Ever heard of Glassybaby? According to a recent Seattle Times article, “[Glassybaby] is a compelling small-business success story: After a seven-year battle with lung cancer, young mother develops colorful and inspirational product, hires local artisans, donates 10 percent of sales to charity and sells 20 percent stake to billionaire Jeff Bezos.” For […]

Eight Species of Patent Strategy – Part 3 how intellectual property management develops from level 3 to level 4

By Bill Meade Intellectual Property Management in a Growing Soon-To-Be-Company: Once a growing company signs its first cross license with a balancing payment going out, or has a “near death experience” with IP litigation, and/or loses a patent litigation, IP management gains its first proposition with senior management.  The value of IP becomes intuitively obvious […]