IP licensing

By Donal O’Connell What is an IP license? An IP license in its simplest form is an agreement where an IP owner (the Licensor) permits another person (the Licensee) to engage in activities that, in the absence of the IP License Agreement, would infringe the Licensor’s legal rights attaching to the IP. In return the […]

Buying Patents? Plan to Buy Them in the First Six Months

By Kent Richardson Buying patents takes time. Selecting the right patents from the myriad available, diligence, building the business case, pricing, and negotiations, all take time. Next there is the internal corporate approval process: legal, business unit, finance. So, how much time do you have? We all know that faster would be better, but how should […]

34% Pricing Premium and 41% Better Chance of a Sale. Selling a Patent With or Without Claim Charts?

By Kent Richardson “I Don’t Look at the Seller’s Claim Charts” or Maybe You Do We regularly hear from our corporate patent buying clients that they do not look at the claim charts provided by the sellers. Creating claim charts is expensive and time-consuming. If buyers are not looking at them, why prepare them? Our […]

China Focus: Managing Intellectual Property as a Business Asset

By Alex Bayntun-Lees For most businesses, intangible assets represent more than 50% of the value of the enterprise. The most significant group of intangible assets are those protected by intellectual property such as inventions, designs and brands. Since they form such a large part of the overall value, their management as financial assets is important […]

Why Business Fails to Generate Patenting Strategies that Protect Innovation Value and How to Make It Easier

By Jackie Hutter Business leaders often find the decision of whether to obtain patent protection for their company’s innovations to be difficult. Of course, conventional wisdom, not to mention legions of patent attorneys, assert that patents are “important” to “protect” one’s business. In my experience, however, few business people can clearly articulate specifically why and […]

Are Patents Getting Their Mojo Back?

By Louis Carbonneau This past year, it has been all about how patents, as an asset class, were being devalued by a perfect storm of new judicial, regulatory and legislative activity. Especially in the US, Courts have been busy dismantling much of the established case law that had created some predictability over the years as […]

Open Innovation for the Electric Vehicle Market

By Peter Spours Ford and Tesla have offered their patents for licensing in the hope of increasing electric vehicle (EV) adoption and improving the supporting infrastructure. In contrast, Toyota is banking on fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology. The broader automotive innovation game is being won by “connected cars” at the moment because consumers are unwilling […]