IP CloseUp 30 is a handy tool for those who want to track the most active IP stocks in an instant

By Bruce Berman IP CloseUp is pleased to announce the IP CloseUp® 30 a free, all-in-one information update of the leading patent stocks. A click or a tap is all investors, innovators, lawyers and or businesses to track the ups and downs of the rapidly expanding universe of IP-sensitive stocks. In addition to Acacia, WiLAN and Virnetx, smaller players like Marathon Patent […]

The Rebranding of Blackberry: Of Geese, Ganders and Keys

By Neil Wilkof As probably many Kat readers are well aware, Research in Motion (RIM) issued three announcements at the end of January—one large, one medium and one small (sort of like the egg rack at this Kat’s local grocery) here. First the “large”—after much anticipation, the company announced the launch of the BlackBerry10 smartphone […]

Patent Valuation and Baseball Players

By David Wanetick It appears that patents and baseball players share the same value curve. Similar Life Expectancy: The statutory life of a patent is 20 years. Twenty years is about as long as you can expect a baseball player to last. After studying the 5,989 position players who began their careers between 1902 and […]

Is a patent troll watching your business now?

By Ray Felts and David DiGiammarino You’re a venture capitalist. You just invested in a promising startup,  e-Widgets. The future looks bright. Suddenly, out of nowhere, e-Widgets gets a  certified letter in the mail. The letter claims that the company’s flagship  software is infringing on an existing patent. Instead of focusing on innovation  that e-Widgets […]

What Exactly Does Intellectual Ventures Do That Seems to Bother (Some) People?

By Neil Wilkof There are few companies in the IP firmament that attract as much as pro and con as Intellectual Ventures, here and here. Since its establishment more than a decade ago, this privately-held company has engaged in a combination of carrying out internal R&D, partnering with research entities and acquiring patent rights (apparently […]

Is Traction the New IP for Startups? Maybe Not for Yours.

By Jackie Hutter “Traction is the new IP.”  This emerging mantra results in many startup CEOs eschewing the traditional path of patent and other forms of IP protection.  While I am aware of no rigorous studies conducted to date, anecdotal information indicates that startup entrepreneurs are increasingly saying no to patents, and likely to other […]

3D printing and Intellectual Property – why are they a misfit?

By Joren De Wachter In my previous post at JorenDeWachter.com I explained how 3D printing affects the world of Intellectual Property (IP), and how this creates all kinds of problems for IP rights. In this blog I will expand a little bit on why that is the case, and whether something can be done about it. […]